Executive Council Member Spotlight: Jennifer Dietz

Jennifer Dietz is one of the founders of the Animal Law Section (ALS) and a pioneer in the field of animal law. Her firm, Animal Law Attorneys, LLC, was the first law firm in Florida to be devoted solely to animal law issues. She has lectured and written extensively on animal law and has taught courses on animal law at Stetson Law School. She has also worked closely with groups like the Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA, and a number of other local animal-related organizations.

Jennifer was instrumental in the creation of an Animal Law Committee (ALC) in 2004. Throughout the ALC’s existence, she was active in leadership, serving as the chair of the ALC on multiple occasions. She has watched the field of animal law grow exponentially over the past few years.

While the effort to start the ALS involved the effort of many individuals, no one can claim more credit that Jennifer for its creation. Jennifer drafted the petition seeking section status, wrote the section’s bylaws, and led the effort to secure the 1,000 signatures necessary to win approval for a new section. Without her work, the ALS simply would not exist. For her efforts, she was given the Outstanding Achievement in Animal Law award in 2015.

The ALS owes Jennifer a debt of gratitude and we thank her for everything she has done to make the ALS a reality and a success! Of course, no spotlight is complete without pictures of companion animals. Jennifer's dogs, Iris and Abby, and cats, Scooby and Little Bitty Kiss are featured in the gallery below!

Iris as Obi Wan Kenobi

Iris and

Abby waving hello!

Iris again!

Scooby the cat!

Abby ready for the dentist!

Little Bitty Kiss!

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