Member Spotlight: Yvette H. Ayala

Yvette and her dogs at the beach

Yvette H. Ayala is a trademark and business attorney at Rogero Law in Coral Gables, where she provides counsel to startup companies and serial entrepreneurs. Yvette is the eldest of three siblings and from a young age was motivated by the concept of fairness and justice. This naturally drew her to a role in advocacy. Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is also an important concept for Yvette. When she is not working, she enjoys an active lifestyle, which includes activities such as hiking and paddle boarding all while in the company of her pups: Storm, a 5-year old black Labrador retriever and Molly, a 6-year-old Chihuahua-Dachshund mix. Both her furry companions were rescued from the Miami-Dade Animal Service prior to it becoming a no-kill shelter.

Yvette and her dogs hiking

Yvette is a self-proclaimed hippie at heart. She loves living life to the fullest no matter the obstacles, a characteristic she attributes to her Mother who she describes as her hero. Yvette loves the outdoors and engaging in eco-tourism activities that place her close to earth’s destinations in their most natural form. These include hiking and camping through the mountains of Peru or staying in a small village in the Amazonian jungle of Suriname. This consciousness is a driving force for Yvette not only when visiting different parts of the world but also during her daily commutes in her Subaru. Subaru is partnered with the ASPCA providing transport for rescue dogs as well as campaigns for the preservation of national parks all while promoting a zero-waste factory.

Yvette hiking with her companions, both human and canine

Yvette spends much of her time helping animals in any way possible. When she is not rescuing and fostering animals, she is raising funds to increase awareness. Recently, Yvette founded Reclaimed Earth, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for critically endangered animals. In August of this year, she will be traveling to the Phinda Research Reserve in South Africa where she will be volunteering as a research assistant. She will have the opportunity to learn about the current situation of these endangered animals as well as how best to maximize efforts and funds to help protect them. To Yvette, being knowledgeable about animal law is important because it provides her with additional tools to offer to the voiceless. She is a part of the Animal Law Section because she believes that this area of the law should continue to develop and permeate through our society so that the laws can reflect the rights, respect, and compassion that all living creatures deserve.

Yvette hiking with her companions, both human and canine

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