Dangerous Captive Wildlife Owners in Florida aren't Required to Purchase Liability Insurance

Captive wildlife interacting with woman.

Victims of dangerous captive wildlife attacks are calling for a change to the law that does not require license holders to carry liability insurance. These victims call for a change in the law which only requires license holders to either purchase a $2 million dollar liability insurance policy, pay the Florida Wildlife Commission $10,000, show a $10,000 letter of credit, or post a $10,000 bond. Several victims who were injured as a result of attacks by animals kept by license holders have been left to pay substantial medical bills without aide. Although major license holders such as Disney, Busch Gardens, and Sea World maintain liability insurance, other smaller operations do not and continue to put visitors and volunteers at risk. Proponents of the current policy cite that liability insurance for these exotic animals carries a high price. These supporters argue that many small rescue operations would go out of business and the animals would suffer as a result. Additionally, advocates for the status quo suggest that visitors and volunteers understand and assume the risk injury, similar to attending a sporting event.

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