Palm Beach Cannot Regulate Shark Fishing Via Ordinance

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has informed the Palm Beach Town Council that a recommended ordinance, banning shark fishing

Two spinner sharks are seen through a wave on a March morning at Midtown Beach. 2013 Daily News File Photo

"within 300 feet north and south of town beaches and within 300 feet of public beach access points", is unenforceable. The State asserts that the town ordinance is preempted by state law, and thus, Palm Beach cannot stop individuals from fishing and should "table this indefinitely." The Palm Beach Town Council still has concerns regarding shark fishing activities, including swimmer safety and chumming. As a result, the town will have to regulate this behavior through other means such as beach access, hours, and parking.

For more information, see:

Aleese Kopf, Palm Beach Daily News, "Palm Beach Can’t Regulate Shark Fishing, State Says," February 06, 2017,

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