Hunting Snakes in the Everglades

This 162lb, 15ft Burmese python was caught alive in the Everglades.  It had eaten an American alligator that measured about 6ft in length.  (Photo: Mike Rochford, University of Florida)

Burmese pythons, a species not native to the Florida Everglades, have taken a big toll on native wildlife over the last two decades. Researchers estimate that there are tens of thousands of these pythons in the Everglades. As a result, python hunters recently made their way to Florida to participate in a month-long python hunt, named the Python Challenge. The animals were wanted dead or alive. In the last challenge, three years ago, 1,600 people took part but caught only 68 snakes. This year over 500 people registered to participate. 106 snakes have been turned into the challenge as of February 27.

For more information, see:

  • The Associated Press, CBS News, "The great 2016 Florida Python hunt is underway," January 17, 2016,

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  • The Florida Python Challenge main website can be found at ![endif]--

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