Communications Committee



The Communications Committee is responsible for all of the Sections publications, including traditional printed materials, electronic updates, and social media. The Committee works on the Animal Law Committee's Newsletter and eUpdates including soliciting and reviewing submissions.  It works on soliciting and editing submissions to the Bar Journal and Bar News. Additionally, the Committee maintains and update the Committee's website and social media accounts.  The Committee prepares other animal law educational materials.  The Committee’s objectives are carried out through its subcommittees, which include: Publications Subcommittee, eUpdate Subcommittee, Social Media Subcommittee, and Website Subcommittee.


Publications Subcommittee

Purpose – The Publications Subcommittee oversees and solicits material for the section’s publications, such as the Paw Review Newsletter and eUpdates and submissions to the Bar Journal and Bar News.  It also prepares animal law educational materials.

eUpdate Subcommittee

Purpose – The eUpdate Subcommittee creates and edits electronic content and email updates to notify members of section activities and other animal law news updates for distribution on the website and social media.

Florida Bar Journal Subcommittee

Purpose – The Florida Bar Journal Subcommittee compiles and edits articles written by section members or other attorneys for submission to the Bar Journal.

Newsletter Subcommittee

Purpose – The Newsletter Subcommittee compiles and edits articles and other material written by section members, law students, or others for publication in the Section’s newsletter, The Paw Review.

Social Media Subcommittee


Purpose – The Social Media Subcommittee maintains and updates the section’s social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, and Instagram.


Website Subcommittee

Purpose – The Website Subcommittee is responsible for updating and maintaining the Section's website. This includes revising and enhancing the current website and seeking ways to make the website a more useful resource for the Section's membership.