Outreach Committee



The Outreach Committee provides information about the Section’s activities to Section members and the different entities with which the Section interacts, such as other sections and committees of The Florida Bar, the American Bar Association, local bar groups, and law schools.  The Outreach Committee also works closely with the Membership Committee to make sure a diversity of interests are represented.  The Committee’s objectives are carried out through its subcommittees, which include: Law School Outreach Subcommittee, Legislative Subcommittee, YLD Subcommittee, ABA Subcommittee, Judicial Outreach, and Sections Liaisons.


Law School Outreach Subcommittee

Purpose – The Law School Outreach Subcommittee works with the various law schools within the state to inform them of the Section's activities and to encourage law students who may be interested in Animal Law to join the Section and become involved its various activities. The Subcommittee also works with law school administrators and student organizations to identify law students who demonstrate an interest in Animal Law. The Subcommittee coordinates with Communications Committee on ways to incorporate student participation and content into Section publications.  The Subcommittee also assists with the Section’s participation in the annual student writing competition.


YLD Subcommittee

Purpose – The YLD Subcommittee works with members of the Section who are also members of the Young Lawyers Division to promote the Section’s work and to encourage current them to become involved in the Section’s leadership and its various committees and subcommittees. The YLD Subcommittee also acts as the liaison between the Section and the YLD.


ABA Subcommittee


Purpose - The ABA Subcommittee coordinates the Section's activities as they relate to the American Bar Association.  The ABA Subcommittee provides information on the Section’s activities and publications to the ABA/TIPS Animal Law Committee.


Judicial Outreach Subcommittee


Purpose – The Judicial Outreach Subcommittee is charged with enhancing the exposure and positive interaction between Section members and the Florida Judiciary.  Furthermore, the Subcommittee aspires to enhance animal law jurisprudence in the State of Florida by offering continued opportunity for legal education on animal law issues to the judiciary.


Sections Liaisons Subcommittee


Purpose – The Sections Liaisons Subcommittee identifies members of the Section that are also members of other sections and committees of The Florida Bar for purpose of coordinating joint cooperation and distributing information and communications about the Section.  Where appropriate, the chair of the Subcommittee identifies and appoints members of the Section that can act as liaisons to other Sections.