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July 11, 2018

British Columbia has become the second Canadian province to outlaw declawing of cats.  The College of Veterinarians of British Columbia has banned its member from performing nontherapeutic onychtomys, effective immediately.  B.C. joins Nova Scotia —as well as Australia...

February 1, 2018

Christine Lee was recently sued by Marcos Hernandez after he sustained injuries while performing an inspection of her apartment in downtown Tampa.  Mr. Hernandez's lawsuit alleges that Ms. Lee was in possession of a bobcat, and that she was negligent by leaving the ani...

November 29, 2016

A bill that would ban declawing cats is making progress in the New Jersey legislature.  If the bill becomes law, New Jersey will become the first state to ban the practice, making it a criminal animal cruelty offense.  Veterinarians who perform the procedure as well as...

July 21, 2016

FWC officials rescued numerous pets from a derelict sailboat moored in Marathon Key's Boot Key Harbor.  Police officials boarded the vessel to take Susanne Kynast into protective custody pursuant the Baker Act.  Police also arrested Kynast's husband, Raymond Geisel, on...

April 15, 2016

Carmenza Piedrahita was sentenced to 30 days in jail when her cat Toby died of complications from a botched "do-it-yourself" declawing.  Prosecutors charged Piedrahita with felony animal cruelty after allowing Geronimo Gonzalez, 72, and Jose Diaz, 56, to perform the un...

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